ASCT is your aviation solution anytime and anywhere

Aviation is a world that is always changing and adapting to all requirements of the air transportation. We, Aviation-SCT, make sure that your company or business in Aviation is updated and keeping up with all the needs of the engineering and maintenance, proving you support and consulting in all areas related to preventive and corrective maintenance, Aircraft procurement and delivery inspections, start-up operations of airlines and consulting services, inspection and evaluation of airplanes, aeronautical components and even their line and heavy maintenance programs.

Our maintenance team Aviation-SCT are well-trained professionals that cover all areas of maintenance such as avionics (electrical and electronics systems, instruments comunications and radio), airframe, powerplant, propellers, sheet metal and also we are able to perform minor and mayor inspections and/or modifications, NDT Inspections level II and III; assuring always the hight airworthiness and safety level of the same.


Our maintenance team is composed by a set of professional widely certified, validated and homologated with more than 10 years of experience providing support to airlines, charters, cargo/freight and MRO companies around the world. From the initial stage of their operation as well as services to established companies.